“Discover Your Talent to Achieve Big”-Ben Feringa


13th Chandigarh Science Congress
Chandigarh, March 13, 2019: Oration lecture by Nobel Laureate Prof.Bernard Lucas Feringa Panjab University Chandigarh celebrated Platinum Jubilee of “Panjab University Pharmaceutical Sciences” in 13th Chandigarh Science Congress. Platinum Jubilee oration by Professor Ben Feringa was the main attraction of the event where he delivered his talk on “Joy of success”.
Professor Bernard Lucas Feringa, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Raman Chair Professor, Indian Academy of Science, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, is a member of Royal Netherland Academy of Sciences as well as member of Council of the Royal Society of Chemistry. His research interest includes stereochemistry, organic synthesis, molecular switches, self assembly nanosystems etc.
In his talk, Dr. Feringa shared myriad of research areas and appreciated the human brain with the discovery of aircraft. However, he appreciated Mother Nature about the amazing science and biological machinery that we have in our body inside every cell. He added the significance of molecular motors (ATPase enzyme in body) that work for production of energy molecule (ATP) in body and millions of such motors are working in body for continuous production of fuel. He said his team is working on designing therapeutic drug that will response with light flash with optical on and off command and help in precise delivery of drug in body to combat resistance and fight tumor. His team has designed nano car that are simply light energy driven molecule made up of 95% water. These nano cars can have enormous applications like making self-cleansing glasses self-cleansing coating on cars etc. These molecular motors can be delivered inside body as nano robots and deliver drug, fight against various disease or perform repair work. His lab is a team of about 15 motivated Ph.D and postdoc.
He urged the young scientists to discover their Talent. His mantra for success is: “follow your dreams”, “be confident”, “discover your energy”, “discover your limits”.
He further asked the youth to know their passion and to set the bar for achieving the unknown.
Those present included Prof. Raj Kumar, PU VC, former VCs, PU fellows, Deans, Chairpersons, faculty, researchers and students.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019