1-day CBSE ASL Orientation Programme at Cambridge

Cambridge International School Jalandhar

A view of 1-Day CBSE ASL Orientation Programme being conducted at Cambridge International School, Jalandhar on Friday. @ www.cityairnews.com

Jalandhar, October 17, 2014: 1-Day CBSE ASL Orientation Programme was conducted at Cambridge International School, Chotti Baradari-II, Jalandhar on Friday. About 150 teachers from 75 different schools of the CBSE Panchkula Region took part in this workshop.

The Orientation Programme was organised by CBSE to make the teachers aware of the Assessment of Speaking and Listening, the standards for attainment for Classes IX and XI and to build the confidence of teachers to teach these skills.

The main objectives of the workshop were to equip the teachers to teach effective communication skills to their students in order to raise their confidence level and self esteem. These skills are undoubtedly crucial 21st century skills. It has made teachers of English aware that the students will get a chance to speak in English only if the opportunity to practice oral skills is provided in the classroom; the exception is some households where English is commonly used as a language of everyday transaction.

The one day CBSE ASL Orientation Workshop gave teachers a platform to make them aware of various dimensions of teaching and testing of speaking and listening skills. It trained them to incorporate the teaching of various language functions, pronunciation, phonetics and class room management during speaking and listening activities.

Chairman Ajay Bhatia, Deputy Chairman Deepak Bhatia, Directors Learning Wings Dr Brijesh and Nitin Kohli, Director CIS J K Kohli, Academic Director Deepa Dogra and Principal Kiranjoth Dhillon also appreciated the efforts made by CBSE which would certainly bring about the expected wash back effect in the classroom in the teaching of English.


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Friday, October 17, 2014