10 million people die every year due to Cancer: Piyush Gupta


B.D Arya Girls College, Jalandhar Cantt; on Saturday organising a Cancer Awareness talk.

City Air News photo: Amit Anand

Jalandhar, April 19, 2014: B.D Arya Girls College, Jalandhar Cantt; organised a Cancer Awareness talk on Saturday.

Piyush Gupta, CEO, Lucknow based NGO ‘Cancer Aid Society’, Dr. Sidharth Diwan(SMO), BSF Hospital, Jalandhar, and Dr Ravneet (SMO) spoke on various issues related to cancer, importance and significance of early detection of Cancer. Since 1987, this NGO has been working for the control of cancer and represented India in the conference on ‘Non Communicable Diseases’ convened by the united Nations in 2011. Cancer Aid Society has special consultative status with the economic and social council of UNO.

Principal Dr. Sarita Verma, extended a floral welcome to the guests.

Piyush Gupta told that 10 million people die every year due to cancer out of which 4.9 million mainly because of smoking. According to him, obesity, junk food, tobacco, lack of exercise, improper eating habits, etc. are the main causes of cancer. He suggested the students to include green leafy vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, sprouted pulses and soya in their diet to fight cancer. Dr, Ravneet delivered her talk on women/girls related cancer while Dr. Sidharth Diwan focused on causes and symptoms of eye tumour.

The programme was coordinated by Neha Tripathi. Principal Dr. Sarita Verma spoke on tension, pollution and complex life style as the causes of cancer and exhorted the students to improve their life style and eating habits. She thanked the speakers for spreading the awareness as we all known that ignorance kills and awareness is empowering.

The stage was conducted by Dr. Kawaljit, HOD, Biology Department and Monika Khosla in-charge Newton Club was also present.

Saturday, April 19, 2014