100 feet high Monumental National Flag in Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala


Kapurthala, January 24, 2019: A 100 feet high Monumental National Flag has been hoisted in Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala.
This national flag was hoisted today by the seniormost elder staff of the RCF family, Surjit Singh, Senior Section Engineer This flag is made of high tensile steel plates and the size of the flag is 20x30 feet, which is made of Knitted Polyster. 3 Phase Motor has been installed to lift the flagged steel wire from the rope and the LED lights have been provisioned for lighting at night. It is a matter of pride that it has been hammered in only one month. This is the highest national flag in the Kapurthala region.
During the establishment of the National Flag, RCF general manager Shri Satya Prakash Trivedi, Principal of RCF Women's Welfare Organization Dr. Jyoti Trivedi, all the members of the sub division, officers, employees, their family members. was present. Trividi, Mahaprabhak of this occasion said that this Dhwar is a symbol of our national pride and will always remind us of our self-reliance. In order to establish this flag, 100 railway stations and offices have been
In this area, it has been placed in RCF. It is a matter of great pleasure that in RCF it has been established in just one month. For this, the Civil Division of RCF is eligible for congratulations.

Thursday, January 24, 2019