10th edition of Agile Software Development Conference concludes in Gurugram

10th edition of Agile Software Development Conference

Gurugram, December 4, 2019: The two-day conference on Agile Technology was organized by Xebia, a next-generation digital transformation and global IT company, along with Agile enthusiasts of the NCR region.

The theme for this year’s conference was ‘Agility in Agile'. The conference brought together over 250 delegates from more than 75 technology companies including key International speakers, Industry practitioners, Agile gurus and seasoned Agilists to address the growing need of digital enterprises for adoption of fast-paced Agile Software Development. The conference provided a platform to learn best practices and explore new ideas and trends on evolving technology.

The key speakers of the inaugural session on the first and second day included Vikas Mittal, Global President, Xebia India; Amoli Upadhye, Marketing Director, TCS internal IT Tata Consultancy Services Ltd; Prateek Verma, Agile Coach, Cisco Systems; Serge Beaumont & Ellen Baree, Agile Coaches, Xebia, Netherlands; among others respectively.

The conference covered all aspects of Agile technology under four parallel tracks- life beyond scrum, agile & organizational behavior, and software development done right. Interactive sessions on these topics provided the participants an excellent opportunity to discover tools designed to increase efficiency and productivity while leveraging best practices to improve Agile adoption.

On ' How to make change sustainable after transformation', Serge Beaumont & Ellen Barree, Agile Coaches - Xebia, Netherlands, talked about , "To make change sustainable you need to work on both the hard and the soft aspects of an organization. What are the successful building blocks for a transformed organization and what kind of approach makes agile truly stick?"

Ellen shared insights on how you can analyse and pay attention to the non-visible elements of your organization that can possibly undermine your goals.

Mr Mittal talking on ' Automation Strategies in Agile World', said, "Test automation is a prerequisite for full-speed Continuous Delivery. But we need to go a step further: it is critical that your test automation is dynamic and flexible. The attributes of quality and risk that need to be measured will differ between projects, use cases and over time: performance in one case, security in another, usability and functionality in the next. As a result, the types of tests and test tools that need to be used will never be static.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019