11 year old boy from Chandigarh “Abhipsit”, penned down a script for Bollywood



Said, “It will be a two-hour movie”. This low cost movie will be completed within the budged of around 10 lakh rupees.
Chandigarh: At a tender age of 11, Abhipsit depicts the depth and courage of a Bollywood script writer. Master Abhipsit has crafted the screenplay over the course of three months which will even amaze stalwart writers and Bollywood directors.

11 year old stated that life builds and works on the principle of desire. It is the concept of desire that keeps us going. In other words, our wishes, dreams and passions keep our lives going. If your desires are strong, nothing is impossible.

His script inhabits one such character with a strong desire who struggles with finance all through his life. Despite his poor economic conditions, his desire endures. Abhipsit adds, “His character learns about the system and uses it to his advantage”

He doesn’t purchase stationary and books and yet scores the highest marks because of his thorough understanding of system.

He applies the same formula for fulfillment of his life goals and desires. Addressing a press conference, Master Abhipsit spoke, “My story is filled with excitement, intrigue and fun. Story is premised upon the character’s mantra of success which is not a privilege of the few but a knowledge that is available for everyone to learn from”. According to him, this acumen of his characters shines through.

Upon being asked about his story’s inspiration, Abhipsit told that he drew immensely from the enthusing interactions with his uncle and real-life observations.

His uncle who lives in France had gifted him a book called “Absolute Liberation” on his visit to India. He accorded the book, the utmost credit for teaching him the real meaning of hard work.

Disclosing the tagline, he expounded that there are six fundamental resources that are required to become rich. It took him nearly a month to soak in what he observed from his surroundings and infuse them into the script that he put together.

Negative people always have a way of leading us to the right direction. Abhipsit further explains that the protagonist of his
story always sees something positive in the people around him. The precious lessons he learns from especially negative people come handy in climbing up the ladder to success. Simply put, he uses them to go ahead whilst they remain stagnant on account of their pessimism.

Speaking of his own ambitions, he talked about his wish to buy a new house for his mother. One of the the biggest motivations to write a script is to fulfill that wish. To append his writing skills, he also learnt editing and typing in Hindi.

He informed that he’s in talks with production houses in regards to this project. One of the major production house in Chandigarh has also actively shown interest in materializing this script onto the screen.

Even his uncle has shown complete support in his capacity.

He’s a student in standard 6th of Manav Mangal School in Panchkula. He is primarily known for singing in his school.

He also added that he’s written a rap song titled “Desire” for his movie.

If given an opportunity to cast, he expressed that he would want an entirely fresh artists and newcomers.He philosophizes that the risk of casting newcomers shouldn’t phase film-makers. According to him, formula of mathematics and life is the same - Practice makes a man perfect.

Monday, January 16, 2017