110 docs attend Max Hospital CME on weak uterus


Dr. Seema Wadhwa, Sr. Consultant, Gynaecology & Advanced Laparoscopy Specialist, Max Super Speciality Hospital , Mohali speaking during a CME at Hotel  Grand Pacific Retreat, Ambala City on Wednesday Night.

Ambala, February 20, 2015: Over 110 doctors of National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA), Ambala city attended a Continued Medical Education (CME) program which was conducted in association with Max Super Speciality Hospital (MSSH), Mohali at Hotel Grand Pacific Retreat, Ambala last night. The topic of CME was ‘Causes & treatment options of weak uterus.’

During occasion, Dr.Seema Wadhwa, Sr. Consultant, Gynaecology & Advanced Laparoscopy Specialist, MSSH spoke on the challenges in treatment of the weak uterus. Dr Gaurav Diddi,  Consultant, Gastroenterology talked about ‘Management of Hepatitis B’ . Among others, Dr. Gurmail Singh, President-NIMA, Ambala City and Sandeep Dogra, VP-Operations, MSSH were also presented. 

Talking about the concept of weak uterus in young women, Dr Wadhwa said, this was  the condition when a woman has repeated miscarriages due to an underlying incompetent cervix. The mouth of uterus or cervix was not strong enough to hold on to the pregnancy which would slip out and abort. In such cases, carrying a baby to the end of pregnancy would become difficult. Without treatment it could lead to a late miscarriage or a premature birth.”

Explaining the causes, she said that uterus might also be weak at the site where previous caesarean section scar would exist. The difficulty was encountered when an early unplanned pregnancy would occur after first caesarean section. The scar could thin out with the advancement of pregnancy leading to weak uterus. With age and due to atrophic changes in the urogenital tract, the uterus, urinary bladder and rectum might descend downward thus leading to weak uterus & incontinence.”

Talking about the treatment options, Dr Wadhwa said that cervical stitch applied by an expert at the right time in pregnancy was lifesaving for the unborn child that would prevent pregnancy loss & corrects the weak uterus due to cervical incompetence. Prolapse a cause of weak uterus in elderly & rarely in young women could be corrected by pelvic floor repairs. This could be done laparoscopically with or without using a mesh. After corrective surgery the organs would return to their normal position & symptoms were relieved, she asserted.

Friday, February 20, 2015