1st Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2019 to be held in Hyderabad


(L to R) GR Reddy,Lala Yusifova, B.S Rao,Baba Kishore Mutta.

Junior Sport is picking up so well that we may not be surprised if we gain an entry into Olympics 2028: GR Reddy

Hyderabad, February 8, 2019: The CtrlS 1st Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2019 to be held in the city at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium on February 16th and 17th, 2019.

To share more details on the same, a Press Conference is called for. And it was addressed by GR Reddy, MD, Husys Consulting Limited and Chief Patron of Gundlpally Krida Foundation; Lala Yusifova, a coach from Azerbaizan, BS Rao, Vice President of CtrlS, Baba Kishore Mutta, Director of Prowess Software interacted with the media.

Addressing the press conference, GR Reddy said, in the 28years history of Rhythmic Gymnastics in India, it is organsied for the first time such an international Rhythmic Gymnastics event. The idea is to conduct an International Level Competition recognized by FIG(Federation of International Gymnastics). And we would like this event recognized soon. It will be an annual event and we would like to make it big by each passing year.

Rhythmic Gymnastics will be the next future of India, he said. The cup will feature many stars from Common Wealth Games.

The Cup will be covered by Barney and Marc the two best photographers in the world in Rhythmic Gymnastics from Germany. The event will be graced by Spela Dragas – Italy. She is the Program Director and Coach & International Judge of Rhythmic Gymnastics. She has 20 years of experience in rhythmic gymnastics field, training elite gymnasts and judging the most important international competitions such as Olympics Games, World Championships, World Cup Series and European Championships. Currently RG's Technical Director of the ASU (the third italian club) and personal coach of the individual gymnast of the Italian National Team, Alexandra Agiurgiuculese.

Conceived by city based Gundlapally Krida Foundation it will be presented by Ctrls, a Tier-4 Datacenter in India, headquartered in Hyderabad

The maiden Ctrls Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2019 will feature 65 Participants from 7 Nations - Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Thailand, Srilanka/Canada, Malaysia and India

The Competition will be held in four different age groups—Sub Juniors-Under 10years; Sub Juniors—Under 12years; Juniors—12 to 15years and Seniors—15years and above.

Most of the Sub-Junior participants are from India. Junior and Seniors are coming from 5 different countries.

India’s only Rhythmic Gymnast, Meghana Gandulpally, a 20 year old will also be competing in the event.

An equally strong and senior international player from Sri Lanka who represented CWG in 2019 will also be competing.

Indian teams for all categories are coming from cities like Mumbai, Pune, Amravati(Maharashtra), Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab, Karnataka and Chennai.

Ctrl Indian Rhythmic Gymnastic Cup 2019 brings two Continents, Europe and Asisa on one platform and make way for Rhythmic Gymnastics an All Women Olympic Sport in India, informed GR Reddy, MD, Husys Consulting Limited and Chief Patron of Gundlapally Krida Foundation

According to him, the aim of the Cup is to bring the best of the sports persons from across the globe. And also to bring all the aspiring Athletes, young girl students and Rhythmic Gymnastics sport lovers, enthusiasts, provide them opportunities to play with their peers from across the globe, boost up their morale, and brighten up their international career aspirations.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport in which individuals or groups manipulate one or two pieces of apparatus—Hoop, Ball, Clubs and Ribbon. It is a sport that combines elements of Ballet, Gymnastics, Dance and Apparatus Manipulation.

The participant who earns more points emerges victorious. Their skill and performance will be determined by a panel of Judges for leaps, Balances, Pirouettes (Pivots), Apparatus Handling and Execution.

The medals will be awarded as follows

Sub-Juniors : Under 10 yrs _ One Free Hand, Any two apparatus by Choice from (Ball,Rope, Hoop, Clubs, Ribbon) : Each apparatus three prizes ( Gold - Silver & Bronze) : Also prizes are Pastorelli Apparatus given (International Brand) : (9 Medals)

✓Sub-Juniors : Under 12 yrs - Any Three apparatus by Choice from (Ball,Rope, Hoop, Clubs, Ribbon) : Each apparatus three prizes ( Gold - Silver & Bronze) : Also prizes are Pasterelli Apparatus given (International Brand) : (9 Medals)

✓Juniors : 12-15 yrs - Ball,Rope, Clubs - Three apparatus : Each apparatus Gold, Silver & Bronze - Prize money G-200Euro, S-150 Euro, B-100Euro (total 9 Medals)

✓Seniors : 15+ yrs - Ball,Hoop, Clubs, Ribbon - Each Apparatus G, S & B - Prize money G-200Euro, S-150 Euro, B-100Euro (Total 12 Medals)

Speaking on the occasion BS Rao of CtrlS said the sport is known for flexibility, agility and intelligence.CtrlS shares the same values. And we are happy to present 1st Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2019

Baba Kishore Mutta of Prowess Software Services said the sport is very young and throws open lot of opportunities to young girls in India. That is why Prowess Software Services got associated with the event

Lala Yusifova, a coach from Azerbaizan said it is a good sport for healthy life which helps you to build strong body from a very young age. It is an Olympic Sport too, she added.

The sport is unique and picking up slowly in India. India’s international performance in the sport off late has been commendable and improved significantly. India is emerging power house for the sport. Thousands of girls are training across India.

The Indian Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2019 is to give them an experience of seeing and competing with international players without much cost and going out of country. This may change the way they plan their vision for the future.

The junior teams are picking up well with so much of potential to gain entry into 2028 Olympics.

India is strong contender and likely be one of the top contenders in many international events. The major Rhythmic Gymnastics event is organized in Hyderabad in this backdrop and the cup wil go a long to earn good recognition for the in this sport.

Friday, February 8, 2019