200 Senior Citizens attend Max Hospital seminar on Breast Cancer


Chandigarh, October 26, 2013: As many as 200 Senior Citizens attended a seminar on Breast Cancer and Menopause Complications at Gurukul Global School, Manimajra organised by  Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali to mark Brest Cancer Day today.
Madhu Bansal wife of former Union Railway Minister and local MP, Pawan Kumar Bansal was Chief Guest during occasion.
Speaking during occasion, Dr Seema Wadhwa, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist & Endoscopy Specialist at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali said that majority of women spent one third of their life in post-menopausal period she said that Breast Cancer was a global disease. It was now the most common cancer in women in most cities in India with 25% -30% of all cancers and second most common in rural areas.”
“We were now witnessing breast cancer in a much younger age of 40-50 years than earlier 50-60 years. The number of breast cancer cases was rising rapidly and more women were being diagnosed in advanced stages. Also Breast Cancer in younger tended to be more aggressive than cancers in older population. The need of the hour was awareness and timely screening beginning from 30-yr of age regularly from a specialist so that cancer could be detected & treated in earlier stages giving a chance of longer life for the patient & decreasing chances of recurrence.”
Dr Wadhwa also threw light on Menopause which was complete cessation of Ovarian activity in a woman occuring on an average at 48 years in India.
She said, if Menopause was delayed beyond 52 years the woman has a high risk of developing Uterine (Endometrial) Cancer. Complications of Menopause included hot flushes, mood swings, irritability, weight gain, night sweating, difficulty in concentrating, sleeplessness and bone loss, she asserted.
Hence for all women regular yearly screening was recommended with a pap smear, a liquid based cytology to detect HPV known to cause cancer cervix, Ultrasonography to detect Ovarian Cancer  and  Mammography to diagnose breast cancer along with blood tests, said  Dr. Wadhwa adding lifestyle modification was a must for all peri-menopausal ladies with weight bearing exercises which delayed the onset of osteoporosis and a diet rich in calcium & vitamins. www.cityairnews.com

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Saturday, October 26, 2013