21-days’ national program on assessment and management of children with learning disabilities begins

21-days’ national program on assessment and management

Chandigarh, December 2, 2019: A 21-days’ National Program on Assessment and Management of Children with Learning Disabilities from 2nd to 22nd December 2019, organised by Centre for Academic Leadership and Education Management (CALEM), Department of Education, PU, Chandigarh was inaugurated on 2nd December,2019.
It was initiated by Prof. Kirandeep Singh, Chairperson, Dept. of Education, PU, Chandigarh who extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries and participants.
Dr.Jatinder Grover (CALEM Coordinator) gave a brief introduction of CALEM. Concept note on the theme of the program was presented by Prof Raj K. Gupta (Program Coordinator). The inaugural address was presented by Prof. Karamjit Singh (Registrar, PU, Chandigarh). Keynote speaker Prof. Jayanti Pujari (Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Noida) emphasised that role of parents is crucial in correct diagnosis, identification and certification. She stressed that parents often find it hard to accept that there is a real problem and hence most of the times they misinterpret the situation.
In the first technical session, Prof. Jayanti Pujari informed that learning difficulties and learning disabilities are quite different. Learning difficulties can arise due to lack of instruction, ill health, lack of language proficiency, lack of interest, inefficient teaching . While diagnosing learning disabilities, learning difficulties must be ruled out. In the second session, Prof. Virendra Kumar (Professor Emeritus, Department of Laws, PU, Chd) deliberated upon facilities for the learning disabled as per RPWD Act, 2016. Types of learning disabilities were dealt with by Dr. Kuldeep Kaur from Dept. of Education, PU, Chandigarh, in the third technical session.

Monday, December 2, 2019