"2nd Climate Action for Tibet: The Earth's Third Pole" campaign launched


Dharamshala, November 6, 2019: “2nd Climate Action for Tibet: The Earth's Third Pole” Campaign was launched here today, just ahead of COP25 UN Climate Summit, by Dr.Lobsang Sangay, President of Central Tibetan Administration. FYI, COP 25 UN Climate Summit will be held in Spain from 2nd to 13th December 2019.
During this event a “5-Point Call to Action” was released in different languages.
5-Point Call to Action emphasised to 1. Recognize the Global Ecological Importance of the Tibetan Plateau, 2. Strengthen Climate Change Research on the Tibetan Plateau, 3. Respect Traditional Knowledge and Way of Life in Tibet, 4. Strictly Regulate Urbanization and Tourism in Tibet and that 5. A Global Climate Action for Tibet, the ‘Earth’s Third Pole’, is Needed
It said that The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) must recognize the global ecological significance of the Tibetan Plateau, making it central to any discussion on global climate change.
Dr. Lobsang Sangay that The Tibetan Plateau is not only the largest and highest plateau on earth but also home to the third-largest natural repository of ice and the largest source of accessible fresh water in the world. It is the head source of Asia’s six largest rivers, which flow into 10 of the most-densely populated nations and serve as the life support for 1.5 billion people. The plateau also influences the timing and intensity of the Indian and East Asian monsoons. Hence it is referred to as the “Roof of the World”, the “Earth’s Third Pole”.
He said that Tibet Plateau is the “Water Tower of Asia” and the “Rain Maker”. “A comprehensive understanding of global climate change is therefore impossible without taking into account the drastic ecological changes occurring on the Tibetan Plateau,” he added.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019