2nd Logix India 2019 to focus on global logistics cost reduction to make our exim trade competitive: FIEO


Ludhiana, December 3, 2019: Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) is organising the 2nd LOGIX INDIA 2019, the Mega Logistics meet in New Delhi from 12-14 December 2019. Over 300 International and Indian Logistics companies and stakeholders are attending LOGIX INDIA 2019 to develop superior Trade linkages with India. More than 2 dozen countries will actively participate in the deliberations.

Speaking on the mega event, Mr Sharad Kumar Saraf, President, FIEO said, "An efficient logistics system plays a critical role in facilitation and growth of trade for attaining global competitiveness. During the recent times more efficient and effective logistics is viewed as an opportunity not only for cost reduction but increased responsiveness as well. FIEO is making all efforts to create an efficient logistics eco-system for India. LOGIX INDIA will enable effective international trade logistics and help provide efficient and cost-effective flow of goods on which other commercial sectors depend upon.

India has jumped 14 places to take the 63rd position on the World Bank's “Ease of Doing business” ranking. Importing and exporting became easier for companies for the fourth consecutive year. India now ranks 68th globally in trading across border indicators and is performing significantly better." said Mr Saraf.

Dr Ajay Sahai, Director General & CEO, FIEO, said, "India is making significant progress in improvement of Quality of Transport and Logistics Infrastructure, Efficiency of Regulatory Processes, Safety/Security of Cargo Movement, Ease of Arranging Logistics at Competitive Prices, Ease of Track and Trace, Timeliness of Cargo Delivery, Quality of Services Offered by Logistics Service Providers, Favourability of Operating Environment and acceptability of best global practices in entire logistics chain.

India needs to almost double its annual spending on infrastructure at USD 200 billion and in order to achieve the target of USD 10 trillion economy size by 2032, a robust and resilient logistics infrastructure system is required, supported by adequate private investments. The increasing maturity of logistics sector, as it embeds itself in India's economic growth story, lends to the emergence of complex value chains across various sub-sectors, such as Transportation, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing & Distribution," added Dr Sahai.

LOGIX INDIA is FIEO's annual flagship event on logistics. This event is being organized under the aegis of the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, with FIEO being the lead agency. Besides, the Federation will also focus on Investment opportunities in Infrastructure development, Warehouse consolidation, Technology integration and IT Enablement, Skilling of Manpower etc. at the three day event

Tuesday, December 3, 2019