300 attend Max Hospital free health camp at Chandigarh Golf Club


The members of Chandigarh Golf Club taking part in a Max Super Specialty Hospital (MSSH), Mohali free multi specialty health camp held at Chandigarh Golf Club, Chandigarh on Sunday.

Chandigarh, June 22, 2014: As many as 300 members of Chandigarh Golf Club (CGC) attended Max Super Specialty Hospital (MSSH), Mohali free multi specialty health camp at Chandigarh Golf Club, here  today. The MSSH doctors’ team including Dr Sumeet Wadhwar, Dr Dinesh Joshi and Dr V.S.Sachdev  got the members screened for various specialties like Cardiology, Orthopaedics and Internal Medicine. The diagnostics such as electro cardio graph (ECG), blood sugar tests ,BP tests, and bone  mass density tests were conducted free of cost at the venue.

The camp was inaugurated by Barinder Singh Gill , President of CGC and Dr G.S. Kochhar, Chairman-Corporate Social Responsibility , CGC.

Speaking during occasion, Dr Manuj Wadhwa, Head of Orthopaedics Department, MSSH, Mohali said that epidemic of osteoarthritis was gripping youth nowadays . Osteoarthritis which was the most prevalent form of arthritis and the leading cause of disability in India affected over 15 million Indians each year. About 20 years ago, osteoarthritis was known as a disease of the elderly affecting those above the age of 65 years. However, these days we did come across younger people in the age group of 35 – 55. This could be because of obesity coupled with deficiency in micronutrients such as vitamin D, folic acid and vitamin B6 for the rising number of young patients with arthritis.”

“Recent research has shown that walking in high heels would put up to 25 per cent greater force on the knee than walking barefoot, making prolonged use of high heels a risk factor for osteoarthritis in women.” 

Dr Wadhwa said further that by the year 2015 and India was likely to notice an endemic of osteoarthritis with about 80% of the 65+ population in the country suffering with wear and tear of joints. 40% of these people were likely to suffer from severe osteoarthritis, which would disable them from daily activities.

One could reduce the risk of developing the disease by maintaining healthy weight as excess weight would put strain on the joints. To maintain optimum weight one should exercise regularly and maintain a good posture to protect the muscles and joints, informed Wadhwa.

Sunday, June 22, 2014