4th meeting of Board of Management (BoM) of Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society (LETS) held


Ludhiana, April 11, 2019: Today, the forth meeting of Board of Management (BoM) of Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society (LETS) held under the chairmanship of Narinder Bhamra CEO along with Gurmeet Singh Kular, Secretary, LETS, at Focal Point, Ludhiana.
The points were discussed were as under:
84 New Members enrolled & 604100 Liter Effluent per Month Increased: 84 New Members have been approved by the board of management of LETS as various applications for the Membership of Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society has been received recently. 604100 Litres Effluent Increased in Effluent to be treated per month at Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society. S. Gurmeet Singh Kular Secretary LETS, said that they the team will work to reduce the charges for effluent treatment and will make more industry join with LETS, and get their effluent treated, as this directly helps in reducing the level of water pollution.
CGWA – NOC: The Central Ground Water Authority or CGWA has set 31st March 2019, whereas more than 4800 industrial units have applied for the NOC, out of which only 38 Units have got the NOC, those unit which got NOC are mostly from the Construction Domain, Very less number of industrial units have got the NOC as yet, which is a very serious matter of concern as from the 01st of April 2019 there would be a penalty of Rs.150000/- (One Lakh Fifty Thousand) per month. LETS appealed to the Central Government that the Micro & Small Units should be exempted from the NOC as The Usage of Water in Micro & Small Units is very minimal, so these industries should be exempted from NOC for Water abstraction. Moreover the procedure for obtaining NOC for ground water abstraction is very complex, and requires a lot of documentation. So it is highly recommended that the Procedure should be simplified to facilitate the industry.
Billet Induction Heaters: Industry was encouraged to use latest clean and pollution free technology by installing the billet heaters. On 29th May 2014, PSPCL issued a circular that Billet Heaters installed shall be treated as Power Intensive Units (PIU) category w.e.f. 01-01-2014, the said circular never came into the notice of the industry, and now PSPCL is surveying the industry and where-ever they are finding the billet heaters they are imposing the penalty of 200% to the industry. There should be classification of billet heaters on the basis power consumption as well as output, for example the power required by 4” X 4” or 6” X 6” steel billet when subjected to heater, as compared to 10 mm steel bar to heat up for making cycle parts, or bolts. You are requested to take up this issue with regulatory committee by imposing section 108 & for allowing the industry to use induction billet heaters up to 500 kW without PIU Category.
Plantation Drive: Keeping the Environmental considerations under notice the Ludhiana Effluent Treatment Society will organize another plantation drive in the month of July 2019 near the CET Plant. Today it was decided that the Plantation Drive will continue and Expand to the both sides of road connecting focal point and dhandari railway flyover, and on the national highway under the Plantation Drive through LETS.
Amongst present were, Narinder Bhamra CEO, Gurmeet Singh Kular Secretary, Chander Parkash Sabharwal Director, Rajan Gupta Director and Rajinder Singh Sarhali Director.

Thursday, April 11, 2019