5 days industry week – skill development program

5 days industry week – skill development program

Jalandhar, October 9, 2019: The department of Electrical Engineering organized Industry Week from 30th September to 5th October.
The training program was conducted by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), Ropar.
The basic aim of the training program is to upgrade technical skills of the students and faculty as per the latest AICTE recommendations. AICTE pioneer authority in technical education is promoting disciplines/ courses like Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and many more. Keeping in line with these recommendations the training program was conducted in two modules i.e. Python with Machine Learning and Arduino & Raspberry Pi. by the department under 5days Industry week skill development program.
The objective of the program was to train the students according to the current scenario of industries and to achieve hand on practice sessions in python language and use of its libraries for machine learning. The other module Arduino & Raspberry Pi focused on basic concepts and its interfacing between the physical world and devices using IOT.
Anita Budhiraja (Joint director (systems), NIELIT) was the NIELIT co-coordinator for training on Python with Machine Learning and trained the students on python programming constructs, algorithms and their implementation, dictionaries and libraries like pandas and numpy. Different machine learning algorithms with the concept of AI were also covered.
Dr. Sarwan Singh (deputy director (systems), NIELIT) was the NIELIT co-coordinator for training on Arduino & Raspberry Pi and trained the students on Arduino interfacing with sensors and actuators along with raspberry pi and Linux shell programming. The training will help the students in designing real time IOT components and products which is the most innovative technology nowadays.
Dr. Sudhir Sharma (HOD, EE) appreciated the hard work put in by the department faculty and staff for organizing an effective industry week. He shared that the department organizes Industry week in every semester to bridge the gap between industry and academia that helps the students to enhance their technical knowledge and implement to real time problems as the demand of today’s industry.
Dr. Manoj Kumar, Principal DAVIET appreciated the hard work being put in for organizing a valuable industry week by the department of Electrical Engineering. He wished best of luck to the students for all their future endeavors. He highlighted that special efforts are always done by DAVIET to make the students industry ready.
The 5days Industry week training was attended by 133 students of B.Tech EE 3rd, 5th and 7th semester along with Dr. Sudhir Sharma, Dean Academics & HoD, Shivani Mehta and Rahul Sharma (Industry Week Coordinator), faculty and staff of the Department.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019