5 Mobile Maintenance Tips for Maximum Performance


Each and every mobile phone out there has its day to lag behind before we finally take the decision to discard it. But what if your mobile is lagging down just within a short time after you have purchased it? Your investment goes in vain and you shift to a new mobile, right? Wrong. With just some mobile maintenance tips you can still make your lagged mobile work.



If you are too old-school for this and are waiting to purchase a new smartphone to try out these mobile maintenance tips, then you do not really need to wait. You can just go ahead and get mobile phones on rent, which is a similar process to taking Laptops for rent and try out these exciting features before you finally invest in a good smartphone.



Here, we will tell you about the 5 Mobile Maintenance Tips for Maximum Performance.



1.     Check for the software updates


Check whether your phone has new software updates coming up. If, and you are not updating it, then your phone might lag behind. For better operations, and improved functions, it is important that you keep updating the software of your phones. Moreover, updating the Android operating system will help you to enjoy better connectivity and speed. If you do not know how to do a software update, then go to the About Phone section of your device and get to know about it.


2.     Use good quality memory cards


Memory cards play a vital role in your device performance. The better memory card you use, the better is the performance of your phone. Especially, if you have low internal phone storage, then it is very important to use a high-quality memory card. Go for memory cards that belong to the Class 6 or Class 10 category.


3.     Remove unnecessary applications


If you have dumped your phone with a load of applications, then it is probably time for you to remove the unnecessary applications of your phone and free it from the extra load. Other than occupying extra storage space, these unnecessary applications may also drain the battery while running in the background. It will also slow down the performance of the phone so do not do it.


4.     Stop unwanted syncs


Syncing itself is very good as it allows you to synchronize the data with the Google servers. If syncing is kept on, it will keep refreshing your phone at certain intervals which will eat up your phone's battery and will also degrade the performance of your processor. However, you can choose to keep the syncing on and off for certain applications based on your requirements and individual preferences.


5.     Restrict the animations


If you have a wallpaper or themes which have animations in them, then restrict them as soon as possible. When you are not even using your phone, the animations are still running in the background and is also draining your battery. Even the Android system works better when you turn off these animation features.



Having understood the five mobile maintenance tips, now you know how to make your phone participate in the long run. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019