50 senior citizens attend talk on asthma


Panchkula , May 1, 2018: As many as 50 senior citizens from Mansa Devi Complex , Sector 5 attended a health talk on ‘Myths about Asthma’ at Ivy Hospital, Panchkula today. The talk was organized to mark World Asthma Day.

Addressing talk, Dr SK Gupta, Pulmonologist said that asthma is very easily treatable disease and no longer incurable. One need to understand that asthma though a chronic problem, can be easily managed with proper use of inhalers.

Dr Gupta stressed that people should not think that inhalers are habit-forming but rather they are just a method of delivering medicines to lungs. Inhalers also helps in minimizing dose of drugs as it is directly delivered to the lungs thus decreasing risk of side effects.

He said further that prevention of asthma mainly consists of avoiding the allergens whenever possible. The best way to prevent an asthma episode or attack is to follow a treatment plan. Also, learning the triggers and avoiding them is essential as far as staying away from asthma is concerned. For instance, keeping the nose covered when exposed to dust can help. Mental relaxation is also useful. There is no root cure available, added Dr Gupta

Meanwhile Dr Mukesh Sharma , GMO of hospital said that there would be month-long asthma detection drive in Ivy wherein lung function testing as well as doctor consultation would be provided free of cost to all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018