60-80% people have back pain in India: Dr Anupreet Bassi


Ludhiana, August 9, 2017: Dr.J. L.Bassi Hospital & Research Centre, Ludhiana organized a Press conference today. While addressing the Press Conference Dr.J.L Bassi, Director, Dr.J.L.Bassi Hospital & Research Centre, said, "We are delighted to inform everyone that Dr Anupreet Bassi Spine specialist has joined Bassi Hospital."

Dr.Anupreet said, I come from a medical background with a strong interest and passion in managing patients. My area of work is solely spine diseases like degenerative, infectious, traumatic and neoplastic. After my post-graduation I saw depth of improvement needed in both expertise and health care infrastructure in Ludhiana and nearby villages.

Current data shows that 60-80% people have back pain in India and 10 % of those surgical / conservative treatments. Spine arthritic changes leading to neurological compression are major cause of back problems. Infections like Tuberculosis or spondylodiscitis, deformities like scoliosis and tumors are other reasons which lead to spine surgeries. I saw urgent need of safe spine surgery in our region to address these spine problems optimally and decrease fear of treatment among patients. For doing safe spine surgeries spinal neuro-monitoring, navigational, robotic, deformity correction and Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) techniques (Microscopic or endoscopic) are required which we have started using for betterment of patients in Dr J L Bassi Hospital and Research Institute A Unit of Bassi Nursing Home Pvt Ltd Ludhiana.

While giving the thanks note Dr.Dhiren Bassi said our aim is to apply world class treatments in management of spine pathologies and continuously improve and innovate on that.

Thursday, August 10, 2017