7th day of faculty development programme on Innovation & Entrepreneurship at GNDU College


photo: city air news

Jalandhar, January 9, 2017: On 7th day of faculty development programme on Innovation & Entrepreneurship at GNDU College Jalandhar, Colonel Rajiv Bhargava from Indian School of Business (ISB), Mohali delivered a talk on “Fostering Innovation Culture Among Organisation”. He talked about the difference between invention and innovation. Getting an invention into markets and finding investors for ideas is the biggest challenge for innovation. Innovation requires an interplay between market forces and product launch. He discussed the various types of innovation including incremental, radical and semi radical innovation. The greatest challenge in promoting innovation in an organisation is human factor only. Managers kill innovation by not allowing subordinates to participate in decision making. Besides, their ego, jealousy, dominating behaviour and past experiences also create mind blocks to innovation Creativity consists of combination of three things:- creative thinking skills, expertise and motivation. He shared that intrinsic motivation is much more important than external motivation. He prompted the participants to think beyond obvious to come up with different ideas. We have to match people with the jobs. Knowing the ability and skills of employees is must. Managers should give freedom to decide how to undertake a particular task. Time and money are two most essential resources to foster creativity. Organisations should also appreciate efforts along with success. Managers need to have open minds so as to allow innovative efforts within their organisations. Managers should work as role models for younger team members. Politics in orgnaisation kills creativity which mainly arises from subjective bias. Giving example of creativity at Google, he shared the mantras of success through creativity as big thinking, customer feedback, hiring the right people, sharing of ideas, focus on users and working on new unrelated ideas which will ultimately help fostering innovation in organistions.
The second speaker of the day was Dr. Rajshree Bhargava, Professor, Chandigarh University, Mohali. She shared the basics of innovation and innovation dimensions. She shared 5 stage innovation processes which includes idea generation, screening, experimentation, commercialisation, diffusion and implementation. Telling about her innovation of recyclable tetra packaging waste bins for cars, she shared her experience of going through the innovation process. Analysing her innovation, she told participants the various facets of innovation process and described how innovation can be done with minimum resources and can be done anywhere. Giving her example she shared how innovation can be done within academic institutions thereby making colleges and universities as innovation centres. Dr. Ashish Arora, FDP Coordinator welcomed and expressed gratitude to the resources for their valuable ideas and hoped that these interactions will make FDP meaningful for the participants.

Monday, January 9, 2017