8 Kg weight loss in 20 Days by Tarun Khanna in Chandragupta Maurya


Chandragupta Maurya, the historical saga on Sony Entertainment Television has successfully gathered all the attention of its audience since the day it aired its first episode. With grand visuals, strong characters and gripping presentation of the story, Chandragupta Maurya is one of the hugely followed shows on television. As per the ongoing track, Ambhi Kumar (Ankur Nayyar) has trapped Chandragupta (Kartikey Malviya) and Chanakya (Tarun Khanna) in the dark pit where he has challenged them to survive in extreme situations and find their way out of the pit. While the sequence in itself is a gruelling one, the immensely talented actor Tarun Khanna lost up to a shocking 8kgs in just 20 days to look thin and lean as the character demanded it. Post the 5 year leap in the show, Chankaya and Chandragupta eventually find their way out of the pit, and to fit the character of Chanakya post leap, Tarun Khanna underwent a rigorous diet plan control and workout.

Understanding the requirement of the character, instead of taking to extreme ways, Tarun Khanna followed a special diet plan followed with hard core training sessions to lose weight within 20 days. He left no stone unturned to get into the skin of the character and viewers will definitely be amazed to see him on screen. While speaking with the actor, he shared, “I really enjoy the role of Chankaya in Chandragupta Maurya and I consider the show to be very close to my heart. I always try to give my best while acting so that the audiences enjoy the show as much as I enjoy doing it. At the moment, we are showcasing one of the most difficult challenges faced by Chandragupta Maurya which was surviving in the pit for 5 years. As the show will take a 5 year leap, we are finally coming out of a dark pit where we weren’t provided with sufficient food or basic necessities. My character demanded me to look thin and lean and hence, I lost close to 8kgs within 20 days to suit the part.”

In addition, the actor shares, “Though I'm a vegetarian, I like to keep my meals simple. I have skipped taking proteins and increased my intake of water and included water based fruits in my diet which helped me stay hydrated and light throughout day. Instead of gym, I used to do long distance running”.

Way to go Tarun!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019