93-yr starts walking 2nd day of hip replacement


Chandigarh, September 14, 2018: A 93-yr old, bed ridden man started walking 2nd day of his successful hip replacement surgery. The surgery was performed by orthopedic surgeons,Dr Dalvir Chauhan and Dr Sandeep Jindal at Alchemist Hospital, Panchkula.

K K Sharma, resident of Panchkula was bed-ridden for a long time. His family decided to go for hip replacement.

According to Dr Dalvir at this age surgery was very risky because the general condition and cardiac status of the patient was poor, which has high morbidity rates. Also, the bones of the patient were very weak and osteoporotic. But, without surgery, patient would have been bed ridden throughout life.

This could have led to higher morbidity (sickness) and mortality (death) rate. These types of surgeries can be performed only at tertiary care centers where all superspeciality department like cardiology and nephrology etc. are present, asserted Dr Dalvir.

Dr Jindal informed that if somebody is 90 years old and very healthy, even then, his or her recovery is going to be a bit longer. These patients should be out of bed and moving as soon as possible. Prolonged immobility heightens the risk of bedsores, pneumonia and blood clots. In case of Mr. K K Sharma (patient), he started walking on 2nd day of surgery which is a very good sign of successful hip replacement at this age of 93.”

Friday, September 14, 2018