Aamir Khan’s unreleased movie was shot by an amateur cinematographer

Aamir Khan. (A file photo)

There’s lots of buzz about Aamir Khan’s unreleased movie that is currently doing the rounds. When you think of Aamir Khan, you think of directors who are the cream of the crowd; you think of A-list co-actors. Whether it was Juhi Chawla whom he started his career with, Katrina Kaif whom he worked with in his last movie or Raj Kumar Hirani who directed one of the best movies of his career, they are all A-listers of tinsel town.

This unreleased movie along with it being a surprise itself brings with it many more surprises too. A little birdie told us that the cinematographer of the movie was an amateur with very little experience in his field before this movie. Talk about spotting talent? It’s not over yet. In fact we have learnt that the cinematographer wasn’t the only amateur on the sets. The movie also sees more than 50 local people acting and showcasing their talent where they didn’t even know what movies and cinema are all about. These people have shown real emotions and feelings which will touch everyone’s hearts.

Well, with a movie that consists of a talent house like that we are sure that the airing of this movie will have everyone’s applause and praise!

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Monday, May 26, 2014