AAP B-Team of Congress: Anurag Thakur


Anurag Thakur , BJP MP(Lok Sabha), National President -- Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha(BJYM) being felicitated by Team Modi members at the event 2014: Yuva Ki Bhumika. Thakur was in Chandigarh to canvass for BJP candidate Kirron Kher.

Chandigarh, April 6, 2014: On the campaign trail the fire brand Anurag Thakur, BJP, MP from HP, exposed what he called the double standards of AAP and laid bare the underlying cronyism between the Congress and Aam Aadmi Party. Thakur was canvassing for his party nominee Kirron Kher from the Chandigarh constituency. Thakur is the National President, BJYM and was addressing a gathering of members of Himachal Sabha and youth as part of a programme --'2014: Yuva Ki Bhumika’ organised by Team Modi andVijay Uppal, President,  Cooperative Cell, BJP, Chandigarh.
He questioned why Kejriwal was only targeting Narendra Modi by standing against him in Varanasi. According to Thakur, “The AAP claims to have come into being to fight corruption and its repeated assertions were to clean sweep the nation of the malaise and yet Kejriwal did not file his nomination against Sonia Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi who head the Congress party which is the fountainhead of sleaze and corruption. This clearly shows a distinct difference between the spoken intent of fighting corruption and the demonstrated actualities of AAP.”  Thakur while addressing the large gathering of Himachalis as well as youth who had come to listen to the suave young MP, who said that AAP was the “B” Team of Congress and part and parcel of corrupt practices of the Party which had been looting Indians since the last over half a century.

He said that if BJP came to power it would focus on youth affairs and create jobs for youngsters. Here again he pointed out that Kejriwal in one of his interactions with the public at a media event had clearly stated that it was not the responsibility of AAP to create jobs even if it comes to power. Added Thakur, “When AAP has such negative approach and shirks its responsibility towards job creation one dreads to think what will
happen if such a party comes to power in connivance with the Congress. We must therefore keep them and Congress at bay.” He further said that BJP has plans to
improve education infrastructure. He said that, “An education hub would be established in area of Punjab, Haryana and HP by getting IIMs and IITs in. The party would make youth involved in India's growth story.” As many as 500 youth from Punjab also joined the BJP ranks at the event where Gursher Pannu, National Special Invitee, Yuva Morcha was present alongside Cine star Anupam Kher. Senior leaders of Chandigarh BJP Satyapal Jain & Harmohan Dhawan too were present on the occasion.

Anurag clearly stressed that AAP and Congress were two facets of the same coin. Their agenda was not to give clean growth oriented government at the centre but to just somehow keep BJP out of power.

Sunday, April 6, 2014