AAP to rock again in upcoming Lok Sabha Elections


Ferozepur, February 20, 2014: Since its origin in the National Political Scenario 2012, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has broken numerous myths. It is observed that people like “AAP style of politics”. But there is no dearth of those who criticise AAP for its unusual and uncharacteristic mannerisms.

No doubt that a common man sees a ray of hope in AAP and its ideologies, but a question has been raised against AAP about the vision of the party. Since the pressure of ruling the capital of India is unconfined, AAP is now fired up to make its mark in National Politics.

Arvind Kejriwal, Ex-Chief Minister and the Founder of AAP has already made it clear that AAP is going to field its contestant on maximum number of seats to contest the Lok Sabha elections. AAP is the first to demonstrate the list of 20 candidates to contest in Lok Sabha Election.

Though the candidature from Ferozepur constituency has not been announced by the core committee, the wave of ecstasy and buoyancy is among the delighted workers of AAP in Ferozepur, who are enthralled and convinced that the broom will sweep the upcoming elections and AAP will secure a thumping majority to form the government once again.

Prem Nath Sharma, a member from the state body of AAP, revealed that more than fifty thousand people have joined AAP in a short span of time. Besides people belonging Ferozepur Urban area, villagers of Rajo Ke Gatti, Bhane Wala, Waqeela Wala, Wahke, Muthian Wala, Dhira Ghara, Nihsal Laver, Dulchi Ke, BNare Ke, Bagge Wala, Chagali Qadeem, Kulgarhi, Sherkhan and other several villages, have joined AAP.

AAP was pioneer in using social media websites during election held at Delhi. No doubt, that AAP will try to use this trick during the upcoming elections too.

After Anna Hajare joining hands with Mamta Banerjee, who has already announced that Trinmool Congress will be contesting over 300 seats, the battle has reached to an exhilarating point.//punjab news live, punjab news online, punjab news, punjab news headlines, punjab breaking news, india news, punjab news, ferozepur news, world news,


Thursday, February 20, 2014