Aditi Sajwan’s four different avatars in Chidiyaghar’s special Ramleela episode


Aditi Sajwan as Sri Ram in Chidiyaghar.
photo: city air news

These days the cast of Chidiyaghar is busy shooting for a Ramleela track. We caught up with the cast of Chidiyaghar who felt it was a matter of great pride and privilege for all of them as they would be bringing alive the great story of Ramleela on their show.

Aditi Sajwan who is known as Koyal from the show had the opportunity to portray multiple characters while shooting for this special episode. The actress was seen essaying pivotal characters - Urmila (Laxman’s wife) and Maareech (Ravan’s uncle) for which she dressed up as a Sadhu. When Maareech transforms into a golden deer to lure Seeta, Aditi donned on the costume of a golden deer. The second and most important character she will be seen playing in this special episode of Ramleela would be Sri Ram. To fit in to the character of Sri Ram, the very talented actress learnt to shoot arrows to look convincing when she was holding the bow and arrows.

Aditi Sajwan said, “ It was a completely fulfilling experience for me as I got to play maximum number of characters in the mega play. I have played a Kangaroo as a baby, but to wear faux skin and dress up like a golden deer was a novel experience for me. Although, I was very uncomfortable wearing the heavy costume and headgear of a deer. I was happy to dance on the ionic number, ‘Sone le Jaa Re, Chandi Le Jaa Re’, wearing the deer costume. Secondly, when I got to know that I will be playing the character of Sri Ram, I was thrilled and amused by the idea as it was for the first time in the history of Indian television, a girl will be seen playing the character of Sri Ram.”

Tune into Chidiya Ghar to watch the special Ramleela track from 9:00 pm to 9:30pm, Monday to Friday, only on Sony SAB

Friday, October 28, 2016