Advertising-centric Blockchain DATx, to Partner Virtual Gifting Blockchain GIFTO, For Greater Synergy


SINGAPORE, March 6, 2018: DATx, the new blockchain that strives to build a holistic ecosystem to cater to needs and resolve challenges in the advertising sphere, today announced its strategic partnership with GIFTO, a Global Universal Gift Giving platform. Launched by Uplive, the world's leading live streaming platform, GIFTO's official token, GTO, enables participants in the community to create, plan, customise and deliver a plethora of quality virtual gifts for content creators around the world via blockchain.

With this system, virtual gifts can be created, reviewed, tracked, purchased and exchanged on any digital platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Uplive. GIFTO already has an existing base of nearly 30 million users around the world from the Uplive streaming platform, kickstarting the onset of a global gift exchanging culture. GTO tokens also showcased its potential, selling out its token sale in the record time in Asia recently.

The launch of this partnership with DATx is set to benefit even more content creators with the development of a level playing field. GIFTO can leverage DATx's capability to swiftly discover fake nodes within the GIFTO blockchain, remove and eliminate them from the root cause before any of the fake nodes can cause damage. In addition, users and developers in the GIFTO ecosystem will be able to cash in via DATx's solutions for their contributions in ad-use scenarios.

Ralph Sas, DATx's Project Leader, expressed, "We are thrilled to partner GIFTO in ensuring that their blockchain remains robust and free of fake nodes, so that the community can continue to gift worry-free. The collaboration with GIFTO will further enrich DATx's applications on programmatic advertising platform, sharpening our capability of our blockchain."

Tuesday, March 6, 2018