AECOM/PWC to meet stakeholders in Sarabha Nagar for market' retrofitting under smart city mission


Ludhiana, October 5, 2016: In order to prepare final project report of retrofitting of the Sarabha Nagar market consultants from AECOM/PWC would conduct a meeting with stakeholders from the market for their suggestions . The meeting is likely to take place on Thursday and area councillor Bhupinder Bhinda would arrange this meeting.

On Wednesday the CEO of Ludhiana Smart City Limited cum MCL Commissioner Ghanshyam Thori also conducted a meeting with the team of consultants. The councillor Bhupinder Bhinda was also present there. The consultants showed their presentations for the projects like retrofitting of Sarabha Nagar Market, Command and Control Center, LED Lights, Smart Poles, Electric Buses etc. They also discussed the means with which they could provide 24 hours water supply to the residents.

The area councillor Bhupinder Bhinda has been given the responsibility to organise a meeting so that stakeholders should get a chance to give their suggestions. Though the consultants have prepared ideas for retrofitting of the market but it would be finalized after meeting with stakeholders. The CEO Ghanshyam Thori told that he has asked the consultants to prepare the detailed project reports for projects under smart city mission as soon as possible so that they could start with project work. He said that consultants would have to compile suggestions of the stakeholders because retrofitting of Sarabha Nagar market will be done on the basis of those ideas only.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016