Affiliating Universities should not charge any fees of SC Students from Unaided Colleges: PUCA


Ludhiana, September 15, 2018: Punjab Unaided Colleges Association (PUCA) urged Punjab government to issue necessary instructions to all affiliating universities including IKG-PTU, Jalandhar; MRS-PTU, Bathinda; PSBTE-IT & other Affiliating Universities not to ask any type of charges/fees for SC Students from Unaided Colleges.

Dr.Anshu Kataria, President, PUCA said that Colleges are running pillar to post for getting Post Matric Scholarship (PMS) funds released. Over 1600 crore for last 3 years of SC students is pending towards Govt. Around 325 Crore is due for 2015-16; 715 Crore for 2016-17; over 600 crore for 2017-18 year and now over 500 Crore has got due for another Year 2018-19. Out of total over 2100 Crore only 400 Crore is being disbursed by the Government now.

Sh. Amit Sharma, Senior Vice President, PUCA said that the Affiliating Universities use to charge Affiliation fees, Registration fees, Examination fees or other Student Related Funds (SRF) from the Colleges but colleges are facing huge financial crisis due which they are not able to make such charges to the affiliating universities.

S. Gurfateh Singh Gill, Vice President, PUCA said that on the one hand more than 3 lakh students haven’t been reimbursed Post Matric Scholarship on the other hand Punjab Technical University(PTU) Bathinda & Jalandhar & PSBTEIT are affiliation fees from the colleges. “How can a college pay to the University/Board from its own pocket when neither the student nor the Punjab Government has paid fees to the College?”

Saturday, September 15, 2018