Age old astrology Versus New age Mind reading! You choose


India has always been dominated by superstitions and astrology rather than being pragmatic. People consider astrology as the solution to all their personal and professional issues but oblivious to the fact that everything lies in your mind and if you can control it you can control your future as well.

Mohit Rao, the famous mind reader curates mind reading techniques reading and getting a hold of your complex thoughts. Rao, is all set to change the complex term of predicting your ‘future’ into a simple technique of Mind Reading. He has helped the masses to control their mind and make their own destiny rather than being dependent on an uncontrollable phenomena.

The renowned corporate entertainer, has till now engaged himself in mind readings of business leaders and corporates to show the world, the power of the human mind! His capabilities with the various dimensions of the brain is not only restricted to mind reading, but he has also mastered the art of telepathy, hypnosis, future predictions, and many such incredible mind reading talent.

He has also succeeded in resolving conflicts between couples and employees and bringing them on the same wavelength through his immense mind reading techniques. In a country ridden with beliefs of matching kundalis for marriages, Rao simply gets the estranged couple on the same wavelength and open a window to resolve issues.

On the same Mohit Rao says, “The objective is to read each other’s mind through the power of telepathy and make them understand the loopholes, this can happen with complete understanding of one self rather depending on an unseen force. The reason I showcase these techniques mostly in my corporate shows than doing it on individual basis, because I believe in instilling the idea of helping each other than be isolated, as we work together better, and where else but corporates do we need maximum motivation and team work. Mind Reading helps overcome road blocks and work better productively. ”

Mohit Rao has taken a step towards that objective, with incorporating the techniques of Mind reading in his well-received corporate shows across the world.

Friday, May 5, 2017