Akshita Mudgal’s real and reel family comes together to prank her on the set of Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi


Akshita and Paresh Ganatra in Sony SAB's Bhakharwadi.

Akshita Mudgal, playing Gayatri in Sony SAB’s latest comedy-drama Bhakharwadi, has been enjoying her time on the sets with the cast as everyone is extremely helpful and hard working. The entire cast and crew has become just like her second family and the set as her second home. However, there are times when her real life mother visits the sets and gels even more with the cast. They often end up teaming against Akshita and pull a prank on her.

Talking about her experience, Akshita said, “I am the only one on the set who does not know how to speak in Marathi or Gujarati, fluently. Taking advantage of this, Akshay (Abhishek Gokhale) and Paresh sir (Mahendra Thakker) teach me unusual words or sentences in their respective languages. They even ask me to speak out those words to the others and only then do I realise what the actual meaning is; which is often very weird. Also, there are times when my real mother arrives on the set and she teams up with them to play pranks on me. However, it is always a fun time with all of them as they are extremely amazing people and never back down from helping me. We have become just like a family and there is the feeling of team unity while shooting for Bhakharwadi.”

Bhakharwadi depicts sweet and sour relationships within a family and between two families with ideological differences. The Gujarati family is headed by Mahendra Thakker (Paresh Ganatra) and the Marathi family by Anna (Deven Bhojani), both competing each other in Bhakharwadi business.

Monday, March 4, 2019