Anand Mahindra announces establishment of Mahindra University in New Chandigarh


Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal addressing the investors meet at hotel Taj in Mumbai on Wednesday (top/left), Badal meeting with Ashok K. Hindja Chairman Hinduja Group at Hinduja House Worli in Mumbai late last evening (top/right), Badal meeting with Manmohan Shetty Chairman Adlabs Entertainment at Mumbai late last evening (middle/left), Badal meeting with Adi Godrej Managing Director Godrej Group at hotel Taj in Mumbai late last evening (middle/right), Anand Mahindra, Chairman Mahindra & Mahindra welcoming Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal at Mahindra House at Mumbai on Wednesday (bottom/left) and Badal meeting with Anand Mahindra Chairman Mahindra & Mahindra at Mahindra House at Mumbai on Tuesday (bottom/right).

Hinduja Group to invest in University, solar power and development of cold chain
ADLABS to establish Theme Park in Ludhiana
Mumbai/Chandigarh, October 23, 2013: Mahindra and Mahindra Chairman Anand Mahindra today announced his company would establish a world class Mahindra University in New Chandigarh besides providing end to end solutions in marketing and agro processing of fruits and vegetables in Punjab.
The Mahindra group Chairman made this announcement after Punjab Deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal briefed him about the Knowledge city coming at Mullanpur besides other initiatives being taken by the government including creation of a single window for investors and Value Added Tax (VAT) and Central Sales Tax (CST) retentions schemes.
Lauding the Deputy chief minister for what he termed as the former’s “mission oriented” approach, Mahindra said “as far as we are concerned it will be like returning home by establishing the Mahindra University in Punjab”.  Mahindra said the University would be an umbrella institution for five engineering colleges being established by the Mahindra group in different parts of the country in technical collaboration with Ecole Centrale Paris of France. He clarified that the family would invest its personal money for the establishment of the University which would have liberal arts disciplines also besides engineering studies.
Speaking about the other initiatives the Mahindra group was ready to foray into in Punjab, Mahindra said the company was interested in processing of fruits and sweet potatoes. The Deputy chief minister urged the company to go in for end to end marketing and agro processing of fruits and vegetables which was agreed to by the Mahindra group head who appreciated the new contract farming policy formed by the Punjab government. Badal also urged Mahindra to take up marketing of kinnows from Punjab in the same manner in which it was marketing Indian grapes worldwide.
Earlier while briefing Mahindra about the strides being made by the State government to make it easy for investors to do business in Punjab, the Deputy CM said his government’s job was not to make money but to create environment which would result in money creation. He said old archaic rules and posts including that of boiler and vehicle inspectors were being dispensed with and a new system of self certification had been introduced.
MEETING WITH ADI GODREJ – In a late evening meeting with Godrej group Chairman Adi Godrej and the Deputy CM, the former accepted an invitation to attend the forthcoming Investment Summit on December 9-10 besides evincing interest in housing and biomass power. Adi Godrej deputed a team on the spot to visit Punjab to work out the modalities even as the Deputy CM appointed his special secretary Manvesh Singh Sidhu to work as a point man on behalf of the State.
MEETING WITH ASHOK P HINDUJA – In another late evening meeting with Hinduja group Executive Chairman Ashok P Hinduja the latter following a briefing by Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal offered to establish a University in Punjab. Hinduja has also agreed to set up Solar Power Plants, Wheelhouses and cold storages to benefit farmers to sell their produce and reduce wastage. Hinduja also agreed to sign an mou with the Punjab government during the Investment Summit in December for establishment of a Driver’s Training Institute in Punjab. The group also announced it would establish its zonal office in Mohali.
MEETING WITH VODAFONE COO – The Deputy CM assured that all mobile towers would be provided with 24 hour power connection and that the government would regularize all towers as a onetime measure. Following a proposal by the Deputy CM, the Vodafone chief operating officer Sunil Sood assured to provide broadband connectivity in rural areas.
ADLABS EVINCES INTEREST IN THEME PARK - Encouraged by the rise in the number of tourists visiting Punjab; Adlabs Chairman Manmohan Shetty evinced interest to set up a theme based tourist entertainment hub near Ludhiana along River Satluj. The Deputy CM said the government would assist in working out the modalities for the project.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013