Anup Upadhyay, Soma Rathod and Yogesh Tripathi joins the cast of ‘Jijaji Chhath Par Hain’


Soma Rathod as Karuna.

Sony SAB’s new show Jijaji Chhath Per Hain is already gaining popularity for its unique show title. After Hiba Nawab and Nikhil Khurana paired as Elaichi and Pancham the leads in the show, the latest to join the bandwagon is Anup Updhadhyay, Soma Rathod and Yogesh Tripathi.

Soma and Anup will be playing Elaichi’s parents, whereas Yogesh will be seen enacting as a barber in the show. Anup will be seen as Murari, a grumpy father and Soma will be playing Karuna who is a doting mother. Murari is not only an insecure father but is also known to be a miser. His major concern is to get his free spirited daughter married. Karuna is a typical housewife, although she might be nagging at times, she’s a very dedicated and loving mother as well. Yogesh Tripathi will be playing the role of a local Barber who in a way is the gossip king of the Mohalla. He is the one who triggers fights and passes on irrelevant information in the mohalla.

Commenting on his role as Murari, Anup Upadhyay said,” I love comedy, in this show my role is very funny. Murari is a person who is always doubtful and a real-time miser, the audience will enjoy watching him and the chemistry he shares with his onscreen daughter Elaichi. I am sure people will love watching Murari’s antics as well.”

Soma Rathod who plays Karuna said, “I play a very quintessential housewife in the show, who emotionally blackmails her husband. I play both the roles of a nagging wife of Murari as well a love mother of Elaichi. I love comedy and people will love my character as it has certain comic layers.”

Yogesh Tripathi who plays the local barber said, “While my true role and profession in the mohalla is of a barber, my character is quite a gossip monger. He has a knack of influencing and manipulating anybody and especially Murari who gets instigated easily. It’s a very funny character and I am sure the audience will enjoy it thoroughly.”

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017