Anupam Kher rejected by his childhood crush because of stammering, revealed on The Kapil Sharma Show


Anupam Kher and Esha Gupta.

From essaying the role of a 65-year-old retired teacher in his debut film, ‘Saaransh’, to portraying the role of, ‘Doctor Vijay Kapoor’ in an International series named New Amsterdam, Anupam Kher who is truly an attribution of applauds will be seen in the upcoming weekend episode of Sony Entertainment Television’s acclaimed comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show with graceful actress Esha Gupta. With Anupam Kher who comes with years of experience in the industry, his fans are sure to relive their days with him on the show.

Anupam’s fans are aware of the fact that how Anupam went through turning his weakness of stammering into his strength. The man who believes in, ‘will power’ and ‘patience’ confirmed that due to a childhood injury where he got hit by a stone in his mouth, he wasn’t able to pronounce the letter 'क' (ka) but instead he pronounced it as 'त' (Ta). Sharing an incident from his childhood Anupam revealed, “I belong to a Hindi medium school and in those days, a Hindi medium school boy proposing to an English medium school girl was considered to be a tough task. In such a situation, I fell in love with an English medium school girl named, ‘Kavita Kapoor’. However, when I was about to confess my feelings, she challenged me to fluently say, ‘Kavita Kapoor I love you’ which was next to impossible. I wasn’t able to pronounce the initial letter of her name ‘क’ (ka). Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete the challenge and ended up saying, ‘Tavita Tapoor I don’t love you’.”

The veteran actor later revealed that how with marble speech therapy treatment, he was finally able to get over his weakness of stammering after 3 years. Further in the show he even confessed that due to his poor English, he couldn’t impress his childhood crush.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019