Ashish Sharma : The Budding Action Choreographer


Theres always a hidden talent in everyone something that they have a natural flair for! And actor Ashish Sharmashidden talent, we recently found out, is action choreography! Yes, currently shooting in London for Zee TVs cross-continental love story Rab Se Sohna Isshq, the actor was required to enact a sequence where his character Ranveer gets into a heated argument with some firangi street side bullies in a car junkyard and a brawl erupts!

On realising that there was no specialised action choreographer on the sets and that the creative team was to brainstorm and arrive at the play-out of the action sequence, Ashish volunteered to take complete charge of conceptualising and executing the entire action sequence. A hardcore action movie buff, Ashish was just waiting for such an opportunity to come by. He promised the producer that it was now his responsibility to ensure a top-class action scene.

If insiders from the sets are to be believed, Ashish indeed put his mind to the task and designed an impressive fight sequence that used several interesting props such as slabs of steel, dismantled car doors, spanners, hammers and metallic chains from amongst the trash lying around in the junkyard. His visualisation skills, it seems, are impeccable and what the crew has ended up capturing is nothing short of a Bollywood action scene.

Producer Jay Mehta was all praise for his hero, saying, Ashish has considerable knowledge about stunt choreography. He did a swell job of it for an upcoming sequence of the show and I am really proud of having such a multifaceted actor in our midst!

The brawl with the firangi bullies ensues as a result of Ashishs character Ranveers angst-ridden state of mind in the track of the show. Ranveer is distraught on realizing that Saahiba is married to another man. He is unable to reach her and is in denial of this shocking news. He is naturally on a short fuse and can erupt on the slightest provocation. The upcoming episodes will see an interesting twist to the love triangle brewing between Ranveer, Daljeet and Saahiba. The famous Big Ben in London will be witness to an emotion-choked exchange between the three protagonists, where hearts are bound to shatter!

(Stay tuned to this exciting episode of Rab Se Sohna Isshq at 8 PM on Friday, September 14, only on ZEE TV.)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012