AUCTION: Fancy vehicle number to be auctioned on Nov 2


Chandigarh, October 22, 2012: According to a spokesman of the Transport Department Punjab, the fancy vehicle number PB-65-S series would be auctioned on November 2, in the office of District Transport Officer Mohali.

The spokesman further said that open auction would be held under the Punjab vehicle rules and the reserved price for the PB-65-S -0001 has been fixed at Rs. 50,000 where as the price for some one digit number of PB-65-S-series has been fixed at Rs. 10,000. Adding further, he said that similarly the reserved price for some two digit number of PB-65-S series has been fixed at Rs. 3000 where as the price for some three and four digit numbers of PB-65-S series have been fixed at Rs. 1,000.

He also said that interested persons could submit the application with bank draft in the name of DTO Mohali by the October 31.

Monday, October 22, 2012