Awarding of Advertisement Contracts Municipal Corporation back to its nefarious ways – AAP

Ludhiana, February 20, 2015: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Ludhiana District Convenor Ahbaab Singh Grewal said that the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has once again shown that when it comes to safeguarding vested political interests in awarding contracts they are second to none. Once again the Municipal Commissioner and the Mayor have proven that they are least bothered about protecting the interests of the corporation and the city and will stoop to any level to patronize individuals and companies close to their political masters. In awarding the lucrative advertisement contract for pittance the MC officials have wasted a golden opportunity to earn income for the cash strapped body.
In a statement here today, Grewal said that a closer look at the process of awarding the contracts shows that the whole process has been tailored to suit particular companies and individuals at a huge loss of public money.  It is very intriguing that a company has been given a contract for a fraction of the amount which could have been raised. The amount at which the contract has been awarded works out to 8.75 Rs per unit per day whereas the previous contract was given for 40 Rs. Per unit per day. Industry insiders say that this has been done to favour certain companies who will muscle their way into getting sub contracts from the awardees and thus make huge profits. Such are the strange ways of the MC that the previous contract was for 2.5 crores for six months which was considered undervalued whereas now the same amount is considered appropriate for a much longer period.
Adding, he said it is very obvious that the requirements for awarding the contracts were changed to drastically reduce the number of bidders. It is obvious that certain individuals are bent on preserving vested interests which has caused friction even amongst the SAD-BJP partners as the BJP is now crying wolf as they have not been given their pound of flesh from this loot. It is surprising that the Congress is silent on this issue for reason best known to it.
He added Aam Aadmi Party demands that this flawed process should be scrapped and a level playing field should be provided to all companies specially the local ones who are willing to pay much higher amounts for the same contracts. A thorough inquiry should be carried out so that it can be ascertained as to who is manipulating this process and for whose benefit. The whole process of awarding any contracts by the MC should be made transparent so that the best deal can be got for the public who should be getting maximum benefits but unfortunately are being completely ignored by the political establishment.
Friday, February 20, 2015