Awareness programme on Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme


The photograph taken during awareness programme on Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme held at UPMA office at Ludhiana on Tuesday.

Ludhiana, January 20, 2015: An awareness programme on Lean Manufacturing Competitiveness Scheme was held at UCPMA office by National Productivity Council.
Delegates from Delhi -Aman Gulati, Assistant Director NPC and Sweta Kumari, Assistant Director (NPC) participated in the programme that was held under the leadership of the UCPMA president Charanjit Singh Vishivkarma.
The event was organised  with a view to educate about the lean manufacturing competiveness schemes, introduced by MSME, GoI and monitored by NPC. In his address, Gulati explained in detail about this scheme.  He said in the 12th year plan NPC has targeted to make 350 clusters. Till now more than 200 clusters are already made and running successfully. NPC has got strong connections with government and public sector. NPC has got highly trained and experienced consultant who have got specialisation in all areas. He told that Rs 36 lakh is being sanctioned for each mini cluster consisting of minimum 6 members and maximum 10 members of same manufacturing category. 
Adding, he said with the help of this scheme the industrialists can control the wastage of materials, improve their quality and production etc. The benefits of Lean Manufacturing Scheme include increase in productivity, quality improvement, cost reduction, delivery on time, safety and working environment. In this scheme the NPC will provide its talented technical staff to the industrialist who will guide in proper way to the industrialists.  
Further, he said they technical staff will help each industrialist to take out the wastage process and do the production in such a way that there should be no wastage of materials and the sources will be utilised to maximum level. Under these schemes the consultancy cost which will be paid to the consultant would be borne by both. 80% of the consultancy fees will be provided by the MSME and 20% will be paid by the industrialist. If this scheme is being adopted by the industrialists then naturally the industries will grow higher in all respect and will generate more profits for the industrialist and also the economy of the state will rise.
In his address, the UCPMA president made an appeal that the industrialists should take the maximum benefit of this scheme as it is the only way by which industries can cope up at the international-level. 
Pradeep Wadhawan, Ajit Kumar, Achhru Ram Gupta, Ravi Nandan, Jasbir Singh, Jaswant Singh Birdi, Iqbal Singh, Charanjiv Bahal, Rohit Pahwa, Ravi Dhawan, Ashpreet Sahni and Bunty Malhotra were among those present.
Tuesday, January 20, 2015