Badal Thanks Punjabis For Rejecting Politics Of Anarchy And Opportunism Over 15 Lakh People

Chandigarh, December 15, 2015: The Punjab Chief Minister Mr Parkash Singh Badal today “profusely thanked” the people of Punjab for setting off a “tidal wave in favour of peace and communal harmony” through the Sadhbhavana Rallies, and for completely rejecting “ the dark and dangerous agenda mastermind by the Congress and marketed by it through Simranjit Singh Mann and colleagues as seen at Chabba last month .” “Punjabis have just delivered a forceful, decisive and historic referendum for peace and communal harmony. They have also given a powerful rebuff to the politics of anarchy, opportunism and religious exploitation. Virtually every Punjabi household registered its presence at these rallies because every Punjabi felt that they had a stake of life and death in the outcome of these rallies, ” said Mr Badal in a statement here this evening . In a statement here, Mr Badal “profusely thanked” the people of all sections and all communities in the state for “ turning out in a record breaking numbers at each one of the six Sadbhavna Rallies.” He described the success of Sadbhabana rallies as ”the most satisfying moment of my public life,” and said, “This was one of those moments in which destiny of people is made or marred. This was far above and beyond politics. I am really grateful to the people and to the Almighty for this most powerful mandate, choosing destiny.” The Chief Minister said that ‘the massive and unprecedented sea of humanity’ witnessed at these rallies was also an “an emotional release and spiritual catharsis of the people following their traumatic experience involving events of sacrilege of the Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the deliberate and conspiratorial politicization of people’s sacred pain by the Congress in league with organizers of the Chabba function.He said that most of the people who attended that function felt cheated by the organizers and came back disappointed. The Chief Minister also had a dig at Captain Amarinder Singh for indulging “adolescent theatricals” at Bathinda today,but added that he could understand Captain Sahib’s whistling in the dark out of panic. “He appeared panicky and even unsure of his voice and, like any other insecure person, resorted to dramatization. He knew that the “coronation” has not gone off as desired. Captain Sahib knows that his “state-wide” rally could not match even one of the Sadbhavna rallies from only four districts, one of them right on his door step. Therefore, his nervousness was understandable. We demonstrated confidence in the people by holding rallies at six different places, with each one setting new standards in mass response. ” The Chief Minister said that more than 15 lakh Punjabis turned out to take part in Sadbhavna rallies as against just a few thousand –at the combined show of the Congress and Simranjit Mann supporters at Bathinda today.
Tuesday, December 15, 2015