Bajaj College Students Get Hands-On Experience on Industrial Visit


Ludhiana, November 10, 2017: Bajaj College, Ludhiana, organised Industrial Visits for its BBA, B Com and BCA students for four days The students visited Shreyans Paper Mills, a large-scale paper-manufacturing unit in Ahmadgarh. Besides observing their theoretical classroom concepts taking a practical shape, the students punctiliously discerned the process of manufacturing agro-based, eco-friendly paper. They closely observed the washing, cleaning, bleaching of paper and the process of adding colour to it. The most fascinating aspect of this enterprise is the manner in which agricultural byproducts are utilized to produce high-quality, nature-friendly paper. The students visited the production, quality, cutting and packaging, and R and D departments of the sprawling mill and learnt about the intricacies about the respective processes. The visit proved to be an enriching learning experience for the students as they witnessed the actual production process as well as they got their queries resolved by the friendly staff of the company.

Friday, November 10, 2017