Bajwa condemns Amarinder for trying to scuttle Rahul Gandhi’s elevation


Punjab Congress President Partap Singh Bajwa. 

Says, Amarinder’s design is to scuttle and sabotage Rahul Gandhi’s elevation
Chandigarh/New Delhi, April 12: The Punjab Congress President Partap Singh Bajwa today launched frontal attack against the former Chief Minister Capt.Amarinder Singh and condemned him for unleashing his calculated and calibrated design to scuttle and sabotage the elevation of Rahul Gandhi as party President who will re-invigorate the party and take on the radical and regressive forces head on that are trying to turn back the wheels of history.
“Sonia Gandhi is our most revered and respected leader who will continue to be the guiding force while Gandhi would initiate the drive to mobilise all sections of society and the youth in particular to meet the new challenges and attune the oldest political organisation in the country accordingly. Generational change is part of the evolutionary process and the Congress party has adhered to it from time to time”, he added.
Taking strong objection to Capt. Amarinder’s remarks that one could not make a generational change with a knife and cut them through, he maintained the same could not be stymied at gun point as Captain Singh was trying to do, pointing out that this was the fourth such attempt by him during the past fortnight to derail Gandhi’s ascendancy.
He reminded the former chief minister that Rahul Gandhi had been in Lok Sabha for long enough to gain experience and is well versed with the challenges faced by contemporary India. Moreover, he must remember that Bill Clinton took over as US President at the age of 46 and Barrack Obama at 47. Similarly, David Cameron was elected Prime Minister of England at 43 and the list of such international leaders is endless. He recalled Capt. Singh had not even completed his apprenticeship in the Congress when he re-joined the party in 1998 after having remained in the Akali Dal for fourteen years and was elevated as the state party President within four months thereafter. Moreover it would augur well for Captain Amarinder Singh to introspect on his own track record when it comes to matters of accessibility and interacting with the populace.
“Indira Gandhi was entrusted with the organisational responsibility of the party in 1959 as President of the AICC when she was just 42 and took over as the Prime Minister at the age of 49. Capt. Amarinder Singh needs to brush up his knowledge of the history of the party at the least. Although under a tragic situation, Rajiv Gandhi was just 40 when he took over the reins of the country as the Prime Minister”, he said.
He pointed out it was the same Rahul Gandhi who had announced Capt. Amarinder Singh as the Chief Ministerial candidate before the 2012 assembly elections in Punjab and in case he perceived him to be an inexperienced leader as he had made out now, he should have expressed his views then.
He asserted that at the time when the graph of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was nose-diving, Capt. Amarinder Singh’s motive seemed to be to create schism in the party as part of some ulterior design. He asked him at whose behest was he trying to create this wedge and that too at this crucial juncture when the Congress party is passing through testing times.
He reiterated that Indira Gandhi was the most venerable leader of the party and no one should be in doubt about that but at the same time, Rahul Gandhi should be elevated as President in order to meet the changing needs and aspirations of present day India.
Sunday, April 12, 2015