Balanced diet promotes good health: pau experts


Ludhiana, September 5, 2012: “Diet alone cannot ensure a disease free life, but a proper balanced diet can help to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote good health. Green leafy vegetables are vital for good health as they are rich source of iron, calcium, vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. Even, oats possess many health benefits and have the potential to be an important component of a healthy lifestyle,” highlighted the experts of Food and Nutrition Department of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). 

The expert, Dr Jaswinder Sangha said that inclusion of greens in daily diet help to prevent anemia and assure good health. Eating raw greens is also essential for health as they provide high amount of nutrients to the body which may otherwise be lost during cooking, she told. Thus, there is a need to consume certain amount of raw greens in daily diet in order to obtain optimum nutrition, she emphasized. 

The home scientist, Kiran Grover said that a wide range of greens are consumed in the form of sabzi, chutney, and by adding in dals, parantha, rice pulao, etc. The more frequently consumed greens are spinach, mustard leaves, fenugreek (methi and methae), mint, cabbage and coriander, she added.

Dr Ravinder Kaur suggested that a variety of salads like spring onion salad, spinach salad, sprouted green gram salad, etc. can be prepared from different greens, using ingredients easily available in the market. She told that they can also be modified as per the availability of greens.

Referring to oats, Dr Paramjit Chawla and Dr Vidisha Sharma said that the traditional plants and their products are of great importance to the health of individuals as well as communities. Oats can be easily included in common food items like missi roti, pancake/poora and panjiri at household level, which are not only cost-effective but also a very healthy practice, they added.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012