Beverage Industry major comes forward to give back to society through noble CSR initiative


Officials of Rock & Storm Group donating items of need at 'Prabh Aasra'.

Chandigarh, February 25, 2018: Beverage Industry major Rock & Storm Group, has come forward to give back to society through a noble Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) initiative. As a humble contribution towards societal welfare, Rock and Storm has donated clothes & other items of use to ‘Universal Disabled Care-Taker Social Welfare Society’ also known by the name ‘Prabh Aasra’. The donation will help needy people.

It is pertinent to mention here that Prabh Aasra, is a home for helpless, mentally and physically challenged, orphans and unclaimed missing destitute. Rock & Storm Group as a company takes its role with responsibility and does not work only for the profit motive. This is clear by its seriousness towards the welfare of the planet. For this, the Group maintains an eco-friendly unit with zero-discharge policy that is duly implemented.

Mr. Khare, Director of Rock & Storm Group emphasised, “My company has a very humble attitude towards society. Business is an economic practice but business cannot grow if it is not invested in society.” He also mentioned about the company’s involvement in various humanitarian actions and how it supports various organisations working for vulnerable social groups.

Arundeep Singla, MD, Prashant Arora, MD, Amandeep Singla, Director of Financesaid, “With such a responsible attitude towards society, the company is sure to reach the zenith of corporate growth.”

Sunday, February 25, 2018