BJAS Young Actors Club, Summer Theatre Workshop concludes at Chitkara International School


Present in the Press Conf Theatre Guru Barry John, Director, BJAS, alongwith Niyati Chitkara, Principal, Chitkara International School , Brian Herwood Corporate Manager BJAS, and Sanjay Sujitabh Executive Director BJAS.

Chandigarh, June 13, 2013: Chitkara International School (CIS) is a 21st century school education initiative of Chitkara Educational Trust under the visionary leadership of Niyati Chitkara. CIS is centered around the lives of the children and dedicated to the development of their intellect and character. Excellence, courage and integrity are the three fundamental qualities that underpin Chitkara Education. Chitkara International School is a student centric school. It has a unique curriculum which actually bridges the gap between school education and the higher education. The school has efforted to come up with unique learning styles, innovative practices of learning and assessment where feedback of the student holds significant weightage and which ultimately results in value creation to the student. One word that actually defines the learning process at Chitkara International School is ‘Research’ which the school strives to achieve by stimulating it in each learning stage of a young learner.

Continuing with the tradition. CIS organised two weeks long summer theatre workshop The two weeks long summer theatre workshop along with world renowned Theatre Guru Barry John and his Acting Studio. The same concluded at the school’s “Coliseum theatre” on Thursday.  Students from 48 different schools of tricity and surrounding areas enthusiastically participated in the workshop. With this workshop, the school brought 40 years of Barry John’s experience and his theatre curriculum to the tricity students.

Four different plays, touching different genres of life were showcased by the young actors. These plays were created by the students themselves and characters were drawn from their real life experiences.  The workshop was bit unusual from other regular theatre workshop. “Drama” which is oriented towards ‘performance’ was used as a medium of learning.  Carefully planned sequence of drama games, role-plays and activities such as breathing and voicing, imagination and creativity, mime, script writing enhanced the students’ ability to cooperate with each other. The progressive series of exercises, improvisations and assignments stimulate an exploration of the ‘luggage’ that children carry with them: memories of childhood and youth, beliefs, attitudes, aspirations, fears, and dreams. All these aspects were shown in the plays.

The final performance was well appreciated by the parents and the guests. Barry John facilitated the students with the certificates and appreciated their hard work. He also shared his thoughts on introducing theatre studies as a formal subject and CBSE implementing it in the current session.

Niyati Chitkara, Principal of Chitkara International School said the reason for doing a theatre workshop by Barry John acting studio was to trust the child’s innate ability and let them express their feelings and emotions on the stage. Unlike, regular theatre workshops, this workshop was value addition in terms to building confidence in the child, creating stories on their own and trusting the team and cooperating with them.

Thursday, June 13, 2013