BJP resorting to political terrorism: Sunil Jakhar

Chandigarh, December 19, 2015: Senior Congress leader and former CLP leader in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, Sunil Jakhar today said that the Bhartiya Janata Party government at the centre was resorting to political terrorism in an attempt to stifle the voice of dissent and the voice of opposition.
Addressing a press conference on the issue of dragging Congress President Ms Sonia Gandhi, Vice President Mr Rahul Gandhi and others to the court, Jakhar said, the BJP government was trying to divert the public attention as it was frustrated since it had failed to do anything during 18 months after having come to power that it could show to the people.
He said, it was the outcome of the dictatorial mindset of the party which has been openly claiming to finish not only the Congress but entire opposition. He pointed out how BJP leaders have been saying that they want a ‘Congress-mukt’ India (an India rid of Congress). He said, they will never succeed in their dictatorial designs and no matter how much misinformation they try to spread Congress will always fight it and defeat them.
“They had tried to do the same thing in 1977 with Ms Indira Gandhi and failed and they are trying to do same thing with Ms Sonia Gandhi and Mr Rahul Gandhi and they will fail this time also”, Jakhar remarked.
Asserting that the National Herald case was pure vendetta, he pointed out, the Enforcement Directorate had closed down the case since it had not found any merit in it and the Director who had closed the case was removed and the case reopened.
Ridiculing the BJP claims that it had nothing to do with the case, he asked, what is the locus standi of the senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in approaching the court and seeking criminal proceedings against the Congress leaders.
The former CLP leader said, the BJP had suitably rewarded Swamy as only yesterday the central government allotted a palatial bungalow to him in Delhi otherwise entitled to the ministers only.
Referring to the transfer of shares of the Associated Journals Limited (AJL) to the new company Young Indians, he said, it was only aimed at reviving the National Herald newspaper founded by former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Not a single penny, leave aside the assets, has been transferred from anyone to any other person nor can it be transferred in future.
Jakhar also referred to the Election Commission of India having rejected Swamy’s plea seeking action against the Congress in the same matter for providing Rs 90 crores loan to the AJL. He said, the ECI had ruled that the political parties were free to use the money as they wanted. He said, even the BJP had spent money on its two newspapers and showed the expenses incurred as the business losses. He wondered as why Swamy did not raise similar questions with regard to his own party.
Referring to the status of assets, the Congress leader clarified that these were and will continue to remain in the name of AJL only although some shareholders wanted these to be liquidated to make up for the losses and outstanding payments. He said, Congress is committed to safeguard the legacy inherited from its great leaders at any cost and the BJP will never succeed in its disinformation campaign it has launched against the Congress and its leaders.
Saturday, December 19, 2015