Blatant intervention by RSS and its outfits in government’s affairs: CPI and CPI (M) District Ludhiana

Leaders and workers of the CPI and CPI (M) District Ludhiana paying homage to the great  martyr who laid down his life at a tender age for the freedom of country, to observe 100th martyrdom day of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha,  

Ludhiana, November 16, 2014: On the occasion of 100th martyrdom day of Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha,  the Communist Party of India (CPI) and CPI (M) District Ludhiana paid homage to the great  martyr who laid down his life at a tender age for the freedom of country.

Various speakers who had gathered at his statue called upon the people to unite in strength to save much achieved gains of freedom, secularism, democracy after hard struggle and sacrifice by the people of India during the freedom struggle and for pro-people economic policies for sustainable development of the country by opposing the sell out of the nation by the government through the neo liberal economic policies. It is unfortunate that those who never played any part in the freedom movement are at the helm of affairs to decide the destiny of the nation. There has never been so grave a threat to secularism and democracy and pluralism of the society and the country as it is today.  The policies pursued by the central and state government have led to misery of the people and given boost to the already rich and elite. 

Throwing light on the ideas of Kartar Singh Sarabha the speakers warned the people against forces of communalism and casteism, which are out to destroy the basic fabric of pluralism and unity in diversity of our country. There are attempts for saffornisation of education. Blatant intervention by the RSS and its outfits in the government’s affairs, Doordarshan and All India Radio The jingoistic approach of the Modi government towards our neighbours particularly Pakistan can be a threat to peace in the long run. The economic policies being pursued by the government have led to concentration of wealth in the hands of a few while vast majority is languishing in glaring poverty. The labour laws are being further diluted in the name of reforms. Outright sale of public sector units and FDI insectors like defence is an issue of grave concern and threat to our security and sovereignty. If these are not resisted, danger of imperialist intervention in the country’s affairs will further increase like it has through the agreements like the Indo US Nuke deal and we will become junior strategic partners of the US in its imperialist designs. The present government’s stance of allying with Israel and alienating the Palestinian people is a serious signal about the shift in our policies.

Lashing out at the misrule in the state the speakers warned that this has led to misery of the people and brought the rank of Punjab much low in whole the country. The property tax has caused serious effect on the poor population. There is rampant corruption, increase in crime; drug mafia sand mafia and land mafia have become very powerful under the patronage of a few at the helms of affairs in the state government.

Those who addressed the rally include district secretary of the CPI Com Kartar Singh Bowani, Com Amarjeet Singh Mattu-District Secretary CPI(M), Dr Arun Mitra, Com D P Maur, Com Charan Sarabha, Com Ramesh Ratan, Com Dev Raj, Com. Shiv Rattan, Maj Sher Singh Aulakh, Com Ramadhar Singh, Com Raghbir Singh,  Com Anod Kumar, Com Manjeet Singh Buta, Com Randhir Singh Dhira, Com Ram Chand, Com Sukhvinder Lotey.


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Sunday, November 16, 2014