Blueair and Global Hospitals come together to raise awareness on the ill effects of air pollution


Distributes Free 1000 units of F-95 anti-pollution masks to respiratory patients

Mumbai, January 9, 2018: During the winter season, the air quality deteriorates triggering health alarms. As part of the company’s CSR initiative, Blueair, world’s leading indoor air Purifier Company from Sweden and Global Hospitals, Mumbai, a multi-super specialty hospital, come together to advocate people on clean air and the ill effects of air pollution. This initiative was graced by Mr.Manpreet Singh Sohal, Regional CEO for Global Hospitals, Dr.Samir Garde, a Renowned Pulmonologist, Dr.Bharat Shah, Nephrologist and Girish Bapat, Blueair Director West and South Asia Region. The initiative kicked off with Dr.Samir Garde sharing insights on the impact of air pollution on health and concluded with distribution of free 1000 units of F-95 anti-pollution masks to patients visiting the hospital with respiratory problems.

Speaking on this initiative, Dr. Samir Garde, Renowned Pulmonologist, said, “With temperature dipping in the city and pollution levels crossing the poor category mark, there has been a spike in the no. of cases with respiratory problems. In the past decade an increasing number of studies have highlighted that the particulate matter is a serious health threat which can be life threatening in many ways. The levels of particulate matter (PM) 2.5 have serious health implications as these tend to get lodged in the lung and can even enter the bloodstream.”

Mr. Girish Bapat, Blueair Director West and South Asia Region added, “Air pollution is a major environmental and health problem affecting all age groups. However, patients who are suffering from respiratory problems are more sensitive to toxic pollutants. In such situations, wearing a good quality anti-pollution masks and using indoor air purifiers with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are perhaps the best way to ensure that you are breathing good quality air. This initiative will surely aid people in understanding the importance of breathing clean air.”

Mr. Manpreet Singh Sohal, Regional CEO for Global Hospitals further added, “Global hospitals have always been at the forefront of providing quality health care to every individual. Air pollution is a significant risk factor for a number of pollution related diseases and health conditions. One of the most important steps in prevention of air pollution is educating and spreading awareness among people about the issue and the serious threat it poses to the health and wellbeing. This collaboration with Blueair will surely help patients combat the ill effects of air pollution.”

Tuesday, January 9, 2018