Bollywood Actor Divya Dutta Graces The First Anniversary Event Of Mind Plus Retreat


Bollywood Actor Divya Dutta at the first anniversary event of Mind Plus Retreat at Ludhiana on Friday.

Ludhiana, July 10, 2015: India’s first state of the art neuropsychiatry and de-addiction centre Mind plus Retreat celebrated its 1st anniversary as a mental healthcare centre, serving the addicts from across the globe. The event was attended by eminent personalities of Punjab along with veteran actor Divya Dutta.
Dr Kunal Kala, Consultant Psychiatrist acknowledged the dedicated work of specialist psychiatrists, psychologists and nursing staff in their treatment of mental care patients over the past 12-months. He praised the tireless work of staff, resident psychiatrists and attending psychologists while speaking of the vision to create the best psychiatric healthcare hospital he shared; “Our aim is to create the best mental healthcare centre, not just in the region but in the country.  We believe we can do this by building successful relationships with local psychiatrists and referring doctors and supporting them through our commitment to attract and retain the best passionate and empowered staff.”
At Mind Plus Retreat the clinical team consists of psychiatrists and psychologists trained in the UK and India. Treatment is provided for common conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis, epilepsy, alcohol and drug use. There are five specialist clinics: a) Sleep Clinic; b) Memory Clinic; c) Stress Clinic; d) Headache Clinic and e) De-addiction clinic. The hospital has an on-site pharmacy with specialist license for dispensing a range of medication for mental health and de-addiction.  
While talking about mental health Divya Dutta, renowned actor of bollywood shared According to the World Health Organization, approximately 450 million people worldwide have a mental illness. Mental problem is an invisible problem and so people cannot feel it or visualize the impact of the problem. Neither can they understand the impact it can create on the individual who is affected and his family members. She urged anyone who experiences mental health difficulties, feelings of anxiety or stress should come out and seek professional help.
Mind Plus Retreat also offers treatment and care to those who are suffering from any form of mental health condition along with support for families and career networks dealing with loved ones suffering mental health distress.
The final word from Dr AK Kala, “We would like to acknowledge the wonderful patients who have been treated and resided at our hospital, We understand there is a great deal of work still to do and challenges that lie ahead. We are well positioned to continue to provide a safe haven facility for patients, families and our communities to receive care and support they need to deal with this very real illness.
Friday, July 10, 2015