Book titled “If Truth Be Told – A Monk’s Memoir” by Om Swami released


Title cover of the book `If Truth be Told – A Monk’s Memoir' by Om Swami, published by Harper Element. 

Chandigarh, January 8, 2015: If Truth be Told – A Monk’s Memoir by Om Swami, published by Harper Element, was released here today at Chandigarh Press Club. The book is an extraordinary memoir of the making of a spiritual life in today’s demanding, competitive, and baffling times. 
The book unravels the life story of Om Swami and his journey to becoming a monk. Born in Patiala, Punjab, Swami practised astrology, tantra and meditation from a very early age. As an 8-year-old he saw a vision of Shiva in a dream which transformed his life forever, triggering a burning desire to meet God.
In the 1990s, an eighteen year old Swami heads to Australia to get an education. With little money or support, he strives to make ends meet, but, two years later, he's earning an annual income of $250,000. By the age of twenty-six, Om Swami's a multimillionaire.
But, the pull of the ochre robe is such that the boy whose hair Shiva had stroked in a dream and who could often peer into the future of a complete stranger, gives up not just a multimillion dollar business, but every pleasure ever known to him.  He renounces, in search of God. Overnight, from a CEO Swami becomes an ordained monk in India. Reality hits him hard when he faces starvation and neglect at his guru's ashram near Varanasi. A resolute Swami leaves for the Himalayas to burn his mind and body in the fire of intense meditation, to manifest God or die trying. A chance meeting with a mystical female tantric reinforces his faith in the existence of the divine.
In the snowy and secluded reaches of the Himalayas, in terrifying silence and solitude, cut off from the world, Swami spends thirteen months in extraordinary, intense meditation. He battles death as he starves, facing the wrath of nature and wild animals. There in the woods, beyond the incessant chatter of the conscious mind, diving in the quietude of supernal bliss, the unimaginable happens: looking down at him are the effulgent eyes of the Divine Mother, the Adya Shakti. Finally, his sadhana brings him to the ultimate realization – I am what I have been seeking, which becomes the basis of all his teachings.
If Truth Be Told: A Monk’s Memoir is the astounding story of a young man who, manifests God with divine grace and the sheer force of his will, attaining self-realization in the process. The book has around 160 pages and it costs Rs 499 only.
Om Swami is a mystic living in the Himalayan foothills. An advanced yogin, Swami did thousands of hours of intense meditation in complete seclusion in Himalayan caves and woods. Prior to renunciation, he founded and ran a multi-million dollar software company with offices in San Francisco, New York, Toronto, London, Sydney and India. Swami completely renounced business interests a few years ago to pursue a full-time spiritual life. His blog blog He writes every week on his blog on spirituality, self-improvement, relationship and related matters. The blog gets more than a million views annually.
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Thursday, January 8, 2015