Bratty Salman bullies Dada on DID L’il Masters!


There’s no denying that wherever Salman Khan goes, mischief and madness has to follow! On the sets of Zee TV’s DID L’il Masters to promote his upcoming film Ek Tha Tiger along with co-star, Katrina Kaif, the superstar of Bollywood successfully did what no other star has ever dared to  attempt Grandmaster Mithunda was literally huffing and puffing his way through the entire episode as Salman Khan dragged India’s original disco dancer into performing a series of mad challenges and stunts.

Salman made Mithun Da climb up a slippery slope on the stage with his leather shoes on and guffawed as the Grandmaster comically slid back down to the floor. He also got Dada to ride pillion with him on a kiddie bicycle that l’il Jeet had brought on to the stage!  Dada was clearly the scapegoat of the day as the entire audience, cast and crew burst into fits of laughter each time Salman cornered dada into trying some new stunt.

Salman did not spare any opportunity to dare Mithun Da into doing something he’d never done before. Like when Katrina was impressed by Raghav’s style, Salman suggested Mithun Da join him on stage to try his hand at it too! And while at it, Salman suddenly sprang out of his slow motionpose and got down onto all fours and crawled right between Dadas legs, leaving him stumped. As if Mithun Da and Salman doing the slow motiondance together wasnt enough, Salman also got him to recreate the horse riding scene from their film Veer in slow motion Mithun Da played along and got into the groove and gave some rather intense expressions pretending to ride a horse leaving  Salman and the audiences on the sets rolling with laughter on the floor!

A much amused Geeta Kapur said, This was by far the most entertaining shoot experience on DID Lil Masters. Salman has done what no one ever managed to do across multiple seasons of Dance India Dance. NO ONE DARES to rag Mithun Da! The number of times he made Dada go up on stage in this one episode is more than the total number of times Dada has moved from his seat across all seasons of DID put together Salman really pulled a fast one on Dada every single time he dragged him up on stage, leaving everybody choking with laughter! Only Salman could have pulled this offhe always brings such energy on the sets that its a pleasure to have him as a guest on the show.

Anchor Jay Bhanushali who is often at the receiving end of Dadas challenges could not believe his eyes and joked, After the merciless manner in which  Dada has ragged and bullied me on the show, watching Salman Khan bully Mithun Da today is like a dream come true! Its payback time. Now hell know how I feel when he makes a monkey of me!”.  

Along with fabulous performances of the finalists, catch Salman Khan and Mithunda like you have never seen them before on Knorr Soupy presents DID Lil Masters powered by L R Active on Sunday at 9 PM only on Zee TV.

(August 2, 2012)