Bravo Indian Space Researchers



It is indeed the moment of pride for India, as it has become the first country in the history having achieved this colossal feat of putting the ISRO’s indigenously made Mangalyaan spacecraft into the Red Planet’s orbit after 10 months of journey and travelling over 650 million kilometers, in its maiden attempt. This credit goes to the Indian space agency ISRO’s dedicated team of scientists who worked day and night under the visionary mentorship of Mr. K. Radhakrishnan and made this mission a reality and with this marvelous achievement India has set an everlasting impact enabling the world famous scientists to further study on the space surface in the coming times and this can also change the way the world previously thought about the origin of the space. Modern societies also need to technically evolve to a stage when they will be able to envisage handling the future, when man would have to look to the oceans surrounding his land and beyond to the far reaches of outer space for vital resources that are getting scarce on earth. India has earlier too been highly valued internationally, for creating a record by the launch of its first mission to the moon Chandryaan –I. But today our brilliant – master mind scientists have further set a progressive environment and it seems that we will witness Indian scientists as part of global voice with this achievement towards space technology with the successful launch has no doubt achieved another milestone.

(Harpreet Sandhu is Author & Practicing Lawyer, Punjab & Haryana High Court.)


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Friday, September 26, 2014